Consultancy & Integration

                                                                                           Making The Best Products Combining The Best Services

Integrations As A Must

All the products we build integrate with dozens of external services, we have long track and expertise in the area.

Tackling Complexity

No service is too complex to be integrated for us. During our 10+ years of experience we successfully integrated with a variety of services ranging from legacy systems to modern SaaS.

Strong Technological Background

Integrating services is not only about calling APIs. Our technical background for integrations includes job schedulers, ESBs, distributed transactions, high-performance message passing systems and all what it takes to make systems interact in a scalable and performant manner.

Real World, Real Experience

We acknowledge productive systems integrating with modern, state of the art SaaS and IaaS systems. From making a payment to incrementing more server capacity on-the-fly to support higher traffic loads, we integrate with almost everything that can be done through interfaces and well-defined protocols.

Business Value, Now

Our deep knowledge in integrations allows us to focus in choosing the integration tools and strategies that better fit our customers size and time-to-launch. If it can be done with a simple integration approach and it satisfies expected loads, let's do it now.