Why SolvIT?

                                                                        We Got What Is Needed To Deliver Successful Products In A Fast-Growing Market

Outstanding engineers

Our four-phase interview process ensures that every skill and aspect of our potential team members is evaluated before considering them for positions at our company. Technical, coding, and behavioural skills are checked

Bilingual team

All our team members speak English and Chinese/Malay/Tamil/Vietnamese, customers can have direct contact with them if projects require it

Grade A+ team

We don’t present Grade A teams to get a contract and then involve a Grade C team to implement it. The team proposed by is the one that will deliver the project


Our team works in GMT+8 timezone, which gives us a time difference ranging at most 2 hours to our clients in Asia

Competitive Costs

Our costs are similar to other countries with growing Information Technology industries like India and China

Long Track Experience

We have 10+ years providing our offshoring services for clients around the world. We know the tools, methodologies and communication channels that perform best